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some random thoughts

So I was looking back through the random ideas that I've typed up and realized that some of them would be fun to share. So here are two of my own personal ideas on the superheroes/mutant/ect (from Marvel comics mostly) and magic.

The 'Supers'

There's a fine line for the so called superheros and supervillains of the world to walk. On one side they exist forever in conflict with each other - destined to fight to the death, regardless of the cost to the world; their conflict becomes a war where children are recruited at birth and those without powers to speak of hide in terror. On the other side they cease to exist at all - the masks have come off and no superhero or mutant exists, only humans; here no powers are fostered and nurtured, they are left to wither to dust, and those who cannot hide what they are disappear. Whether consciously or not, this line is always held in near perfect balance and if one goes astray their trespass is eliminated by the others - hero and villain alike.

No one, super or mutant or human wishes to live in a world of complete chaos or peace - it is not in our nature. There are three battles within the world: the hero and villain, the heroes, and the 'supers' and 'non-supers'. The villain fight the hero because the ideals of the two sides do not match and concessions cannot be made. Neither is wrong, and neither is right; one side stands the majority and on the other the minority.  The heroes fight the heroes because they do things differently, they came by powers in separate fashions, and their ideologies rub just enough to separate them from each other. Be they mutant or 'superhero', they pick the same side against the 'villains', but cannot see eye to eye with each other. The 'supers' fight the 'non-supers' because one side cannot understand living differently than they do. But when it comes down to this fight, hero and villain stand side by side to defend themselves.

This then is the real point - ideologies, powers, strategies, intent, and lives aside, the hero and villain walk the same path. They are set apart from the rest of the world because of a change in their DNA, or because of an accident, or because of a conscious choice they made. They will stand together, they will work together, because they UNDERSTAND eachother's positions - even if they do not agree. They are from the same stock, they share the same troubles, and they have had to stand alone at some point.


Magic can't do everything. It can't bring people back to life.  It can't stop time. It can't change the past. It can't stop the world turning or the sun shining. It can't cure every disease. It can't make someone fall in love. It can't make you happy. It can't make you rich.

It can make things easier. It can build a house in ten minutes instead of ten weeks. It can keep food fresh indefinitely. It can find things in seconds. It can teleport things across vast differences. It can heal injuries in half the normal time. It can change your appearance. It can do a lot of things.

But it's still a force of nature.

It's all in the probability of things. How probable is it that every person becomes rich? That someone changes their hair color? That food doesn't spoil? That a person rises from the dead?

Magic doesn't create probability of things happening, it increases the probability. The natural probability. It works within the confines of the natural world - it does not break them. It is a science of energy and manipulating said energy to increase the chances of a certain event occurring. Unlike the sciences of the physical world - chemistry, physics, biology - the steps, laws, and equations that were developed for magic have been lost to the centuries. The manuscripts on which the were written buried and forgotten, used for holy scripture, burned to ash or otherwise lost to us. The science of magic lives on only through oral teachings. Very few who use magic understand how it works - most only know it works because it does. They do not need a reason.

Because of this the science magic has degenerated into simple Magic. It's sophistication is lost and any new 'discovery' occurs simply because some being bumbled and stumble on it. There is no true research anymore for the science magic is lost. Unless the rules and equations are rediscovered, magic will remain simply that - magic without a science.

There you go. Feel free to disagree - I'd love to hear your thoughts.




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