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Is this still working?

Yes, yes it is ...
Hey! New record for me: more than half a year doing nothing on here! Now I'm gonna go crazy and put up lots of stuff! Well, not lots, but a couple things.

First up is a couple fics! Or snippets rather.

Fandom: Hetalia
Title: Sometimes
Character/Pairings: A handful of the nations
Rating: G - PG
Summary: Sometimes things are different.
Author's Comment: I've tried to keep them in character, really did. I know I don't have all of them, so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. I've got one line for Ivan - Sometimes the sunflowers weren't enough to hide the bloodstains from himself. (highlight to read)


Sometimes things are different.

Sometimes Feliciano locked himself in his room and screamed and cried and raged at the friend who had left him all alone. He threw things against the wall and sobbed his loss into his folded arms.

Sometime Ludwig woke up and didn't know what was real and what was a dream. He didn't know if the little girl flinching away from him and reaching out for him was real or if she existed only in his mind.

Sometimes Gilbert would make an effort to get away from people - a real effort instead of just drifting around - and sit on a roof or a hill or a step and remember. Remember his country, his PEOPLE, and remember what real battle felt like, tasted like. And Sometimes, when he'd remembered, he get up and go find the friends he pretended he didn't have.

Sometimes Elizaveta looked down at her pan and wished it was sword at her side again. Sometimes she missed the boy she had been, the boy who had run around with Gilbert and been more than SHE was.

Sometimes Antonio lost his grip on the present. He would be lost in the memories of power and adventure and sailing and blood crusted gold. Sometimes he would pull out his axe, just to feel the weight of it in his hand. Sometimes he wished he could take it up again and conquer the world like he had before.

Sometimes Feliks would be quiet; sitting in the bright sunlight of his office without a smile. Sometimes he would shudder and cry at the fear that one day he wouldn't be able to pull himself up when the world cut him down.

Sometime Alfred woke up in the middle of the night, reaching out for the comfort that was across the Atlantic. On those nights he would walk into his kitchen put on the kettle and have a cup of tea because when it came down to it, he was raised English. Sometimes he would long for the days when he hid behind the older nation and let him face the world.

Sometimes Arthur would step out and watch the stars, wondering if he'd ever made a right choice in his life. Or if he was just paying now for all the times he chose the wrong option.

Sometimes, when they were alone, the nations let that little part of themselves out and wept at it's consequences.


Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Death by Rome
Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, cameo by Gwen Cooper
Alien technology should not be used before 100AD. Especially when you can't die.
Author's Comments:
Idea spawned on a long car ride with Emi


"This was NOT in the job description."

"There wasn't any job description."

Ianto snorted. "Watch it Captain. It's noon, in a desert, the good Doctor has managed to get himself thrown in jail for something, you've gotten yourself a following and I'm supposed to figure out how to deal with it all."

"... Sorry?"

"You will be. Crusification is a very painful way to go I've heard."

"At least I can cross out 'death by Rome' off the list." Jack tugged at the ropes binding his hands. "I don't suppose I can avoid it all can I?"

Ianto shook his head. "Afraid not."

"The Doc in any trouble."

"He can stew in jail for a couple of days." Ianto sighed. "I'll spring him in the aftermath of your death. I'll need his help moving the bolder."


"You never went to Sunday school did you?"

"Didn't exist in my time and by the time I was in a time it DID exist, I was either too old or too busy catching aliens to go."

"Well, so long as you remember your lines, we'll avoid a paradox."

"this sucks."

"Remember that next time you use alien/future technology to feed and heal people."


"Jesus Christ!"

"No, that's Jack, Ben."

"Actually, Gwen, I am Jesus."

Gwen gave several blinks before rolling her eyes. "I knew there was something fishy about the Bible."


Fandom: Torchwood
The Beach
Owen Harper, Jack Harkness
Seashells, mermaid tears, and Torchwood
Author's Comments:
Just a bit of sun and understanding.


Jack set his boots down next to Owen. The man was sitting on the top of the beach watching as the other four regressed to children in the salt waves. His eyes flitted over to Jack as the immortal sat down in the sand.

They didn't talk. They didn't comment on their friends' behavior. This wasn't the time. They just sat side by side, close enough that a stray movement would have brought them into contact but distance enough to ensure seperate worlds.

Down on the surf, Ianto picked the girls up one by one and dumped them in the ocean.

Idly, Jack plucked a blade of grass and twirled it between his fingers. Owen's hands carded through the grainy sand beside him. Their eyes never left the others.

Working together Gwen, Tosh and Martha dragged Ianto out into the sea for payback.

Jack let go of the grass and watched the strong wind carry it a few meters down the beach before dropping it. "Earth's the only planet with a salt-water sea."

Owen pulled his hands into his lap and made a small noise in the back of his throat. Jack wasn't sure if it was good or bad - the wind and the girl's shrieks of laughter drowned it out. "It's true. No other planet has seas of water and salt."

Owen stretched his legs out, burying his bare feet in the sand. "Not really surprised."

"Didn't think you would be."

Martha sat down in the dry sand with Tosh and watched as Gwen and Ianto chased each other through the waves.

Jack pulled his legs up and rested his forearms on the bent knees. "Boeshane had a fresh water sea.  My brother and I would spend hours with the other kids playing in the waves."

Owen picked up a piece of drift wood and drew patterns in the loose sand. "My aunt and I used to spend the weekends on the beach." His digging unearthed a piece of smooth blue glass. He turned it over in his fingers. "Her jar of shell fragments is still on my shelf."

Jack picked up a seashell from where it was half-buried. "I was always more of a mermaid tear collector."

Gwen and Ianto had finally collapsed in the sand next to Martha and Tosh, now all four of them were lying on their backs.

Jack wiped some sand off the seashell and tucked it into his pocket. Owen flicked the blue glass into the tall sparse grasses at the top of the dune.

The sun was high overhead and the only sound was the crashing of the waves and the calling of gulls. Four dozed in the warm sand as two kept watch, one with feet buried and the other with arms resting on knees. All were silent.


Fandom: Torchwood
To Die
All of Torchwood
Every death is different. Torchwood is no exception.
Author's Comments:
This is not happy, not at all. Also, written before Children of Earth, so not cannon on one point.


When Suzie died, that was the end. The case wrapped up (both times) and her body intured in the morgue. No mourning, no candles or flowers - just a few tears that they had missed it and the woman had nearly taken another with her. She had never been truly close to them.

When Lisa died it wasn't real. It was loud and bloody and NOT HER. The monster was intured in the cold of the vault and Lisa laid to rest under blooming tree and simple plaque.

When Tosh and Owen died the silence lasted far past the rebuilding of the city. The ghosts of their voices drifted through the Hub for months, until they faded away. The only place outside the silence was the two grave markers, placed side by side in the graveyard. The constant vase of flowers adorning them kept the silence out.

When Gwen died it was an argument. A husband and two children baying for a funeral which they could not give. No body would lie anywhere, for no body could survive without atoms. But a lovely memorial bench adorned the couple's favorite place and, in time, it was enough.

When Ianto died, he died in stillness. Trapped in a little bubble of time, poison slowly spreading and doing what it was created for, he did his job then sat down and stopped. No sound, just the soft inhale and exhale of a dying man. When time unfroze, the body of Ianto Jones was burned - he was not to be laid next to the wife that could have been, nor next to dearest of friends. All that remained were the photos from his childhood and an old slim band of gold engraved with the words 'Forever in Eternity.'

When Jack Harkness dies, he wakes up, finishes his job and goes back to his existence. He loves and loses and lives and dies and remembers and forgets.

When the oldest being in the whole of the universe dies, it is with the heavy regret of what will come to pass and that the sorrow is his doing - twice over. But the air is clean and the warm friendship is enough to ease him out of endless existence and into the arms of death, which have finally opened for him.

So there are four small things. I'll put up more some other time.


Aug. 30th, 2009 03:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Finally
XP At least I've only been on for three days!

Aug. 31st, 2009 12:54 am (UTC)
Re: Finally
true ... this is a very good point.


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