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But there are four fics. All four are Torchwood/Doctor Who, as that is my main fandom sandpit.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Title: The Doctor's curiosity, and it's results
Character/Pairings: The Doctor, Jack Harkness
Rating: G
Summary: Jack is not amused. Not at all.
Author's Comment:
Just as silly thought I had one day.

Jack stared at the screen the TARDIS was showing him. The Doctor adjusted his glasses as he peered over the immortal's shoulder. "That can't be right." He murmured.

Jack turned around to look at him and pointed first at the sonic screwdriver and then at the Doctor. "You're the one who wanted to investigate, I just got dragged along!"

"Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this!" The Doctor pushed Jack out of the way and leaned over to frown at the screen. He pushed a few buttons on the console. "Something must have gone wrong in the scan ... or the TARDIS is playing a joke."

"Somehow, I doubt that to be the case..." Jack muttered as the Doctor began to rescan him.

"Oh ye of little faith."

A minute later the two were looking at the same screen as before. Beneath them the TARDIS was giving little tremors of annoyance. The Doctor tapped the screen - the image flickered, but otherwise stayed the same. "I guess not ..."

Jack rubbed his forehead. "You're telling me that out of the several billion trillion - guadrilion! - possible paths genes can take, this is mine?!"

"Err ... yes?"

"Okay, Doc, I've seen a lot of things that even you might have trouble believing but this takes the cake, the presents and the whole damn party!"

"Well, it's not such a BAD thing, is it?"

"No, really. I'm only myself, my ancestor and my descendant!"

Fandom: Doctor Who, Torchwood
Title: In Dreams
Character/Pairings: Rose Tyler, Ianto Jones
Rating: PG - PG-13
Summary: "You're quite fun to talk to. I wish my world had an Ianto Jones."
Author's Comment:
Because if these two ever met, it would be amazing.

Ianto poured the sparkling tea into the teacups on the pink table. "You know, if I'm counting right, this is the sixth time we've met here."

Rose reached down and picked up her cup, settling it on her bent knees - which were a good foot higher than the table - before she spoke. "Sorry, that would be my fault. We've been testing out this nifty device that Adam found buried in the old archives."

"What's it called?"

"We're calling it the Dream Scope."

Ianto poured some more tea. "So what's it do?"

"Well, according to our six encounters - which is the same number as the times I've used it - it projects the consciousness of one person into another person's dreams."

"We're separated by a big Void of something - if Jack and the Doctor are to be believed."

Rose shrugged and the blue ribbons in her hair bounced. "Apparently. Maybe it's like time: glippy gloppy, whimy timey - or whatever the Doctor calls it."

"'Wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey stuff.'"

"Scientific that is."

"Indeed. You should hear him describe the Rift."

"Oh dear." Rose took another sip. "Has he gotten another traveler yet?"

"Nope, seems to have decided to take a break from finding new strays and take up trying to convince the old ones to return."

"I bet Jack jumped at that."

"He did and insisted that the rest of us come along as well." Ianto's yellow ducky bib danced in merriment. "I had to insist that SOMEONE stay with the Hub. Jack refused to go without everyone." He set his teacup down. "We're at a rather impressive standstill."

"Rose shook her head. "Give the two of them - well, three including Micky - a knock to the head from me. Honestly, you'd think immortals would have figured out compromising skills at some point."

A loud chirp cut Ianto off before he could answer. He pulled off the bib and rose for the tiny chair he'd been sitting on. "That would be my cue to wake up." He extended a hand to the other. "Will I be seeing you again?"

Rose smiled. "More than likely. You're quite fun to talk with. Wish my world had an Ianto Jones."

"Stop you're making me blush."

"And you look adorable."

"You mean handsome."

"Jacks been rubbing off on you."

"Yup - once or twice a day."

Rose flushed bright pink. "Didn't need to know that."

"Course you did." Ianto winked. "Until next time, Miss Tyler. I'll pass your love along?"

"Of course. Sweet dreams."

"With you? Always."

Rose's laughter followed him out of the dreamworld. Jack's sleepy morning smile greeted him.

: Torchwood, Doctor Who
Title: Doctor, Doctor, Jack
Character/Pairings: The Doctor, The Doctor, Jack Harkness
Rating: G
Summary: A conversation between three immortals
Author's Comment
: Don't go on about how this is unlikely, or not factual. It was just fun to write. Oh, and have fun trying to keep track of the Doctor.

The Doctor popped a jelly baby in his mouth. "She was right, you know."

Jack and the Doctor gave him a puzzled look. The Doctor rolled his eyes and held out his bag of candy. "Donna. We do need someone to stop us."

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Care to share with the rest of the class."

The Doctor seemed to understand though, and took several candies from the bag. "Course she was! Brilliant woman, she is."

"Doctor." Jack's tone was almost a whine.

The Doctor rolled his eyes and shared a look with the Doctor. The Time Lord just smiled as he plucked a jelly baby out of his hand. "You explain."

The Doctor huffed and peered into the bag in his hand. "She told me I needed somone to stop me. Did you take the last green one?"

The Doctor shrugged and ate another candy. The Doctor shot him a glare and rumaged around in the bag. "It's true. I do need someone to stop." He held a yellow candy up and studied it. "For that matter, you probably do too, Jack."

"Stop what?"

The Doctor snatched the bag of candies out of the Doctor's hand and riffled through them. "Going over the edge. Doing something you'll regret. Be the voice of reason."

The Doctor snatched the candies back. "Stop that. That's what she meant. Not what I did."

Jack huffed and folded his arms over his chest. "You talk in circles, Doc."

The Doctor glared at the Doctor, who just grinned and kept eating the jelly babies. "I meant, needing the kick in the pants to stop moping. You know, that sort of thing."

The Doctor rolled his eyes an Jack seemed contemplative. The Doctor ignored them. "We need that, being all but Immortal and all. Tend to focus on the bad instead. Bad habit, that."

The Doctor nodded in agreement. Jack stared at the wall for a moment before he grabbed the bag of jelly babies from the Doctor. Both men shouted as he upended the remaining few into his mouth. Jack grinned at them as he chewed.

Seconds later he was running down the hall of the TARDIS with the Doctors in close pursuit.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Title: Parents and their children
Character/Pairings: Jenny
Rating: G
Summary: She only has one set of DNA - that doesn't mean she only has one parent.
Author's Comment:
This is my personal cannon. Because Jenny need more love.

Eventually, Jenny would make her way to Earth and into the supervision of Captain Jack Harkness. It would take her several months to convince him that she was, in fact, the Doctor's Daughter.

Of course questions about her mother popped up frequently. At first, Jack seemed to be under the impression that her mother was one Rose Tyler. Jenny had never heard of her until than. When shown an old and faded photograph, Jenny had to admit that she could understand the connection - even if it was false.

In truth, Jenny had never really given thought to the concept of a mother. She had been created out of her father's DNA and solely that. She only had one parent. But when she listened to others talk of their childhoods and how their parents treated them, she found two faces in her mind, instead of just the Doctor's.

When she looked Donna Nobel up, it was to find a list of descendants from her children Jennifer and John, and to learn from Jack how the woman's memory had been taken away to save her life. She wouldn't remember Jenny, even if she saw her.

So Jenny decided to remember her as she had known her then - bright red hair, an amused twinkle in the eye, a broad smile, enthusiasm for everything and a no-nonsense attitude.

Sometimes Jenny wondered just which one of her parents she took after more.


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